CA Technologies Delivers Intelligence Across its Portfolio to Bring The Modern Software Factory to Life

  • 2017年12月7日 17:31

    New Releases and Enhancements Help Companies of All Sizes Increase the Quality and Velocity of Application Development and Delivery

    HONG KONG, Nov 24, 2017 — CA WORLD ’17 — CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the most extensive list of products in recent company history. Showcasing over 20 new offerings and significant enhancements, CA is helping its customers embrace agile practices, intelligent automation, experience insights and end-to-end security to bring their Modern Software Factory to life.

    “The Modern Software Factory frames how organizations transform themselves by leveraging agile, automation, insights and security,” said Mike Gregoire, chief executive officer, CA Technologies. “CA brings the experience and solutions to help you chart your own path, and your factory ensures that your company is built to change and can adapt in an accelerating, digital world.”

    The expanded CA portfolio integrates advanced analytics and machine learning for companies of all sizes to apply intelligence to the technology and tools that support faster, quality, software development and delivery.

    "As the media landscape continues to shift dramatically, we are excited to bring our new digital strategy to life. In a partnership with CA Technologies, we are adding new tools for agility, automation, and continuous testing to our development workflows," said John Fiedler, senior vice president of Digital, Fox News. "We are modernizing how news is delivered by completely reimagining our digital products and replacing our backend systems. All of these initiatives will ultimately lead us to be faster and more efficient in delivering breaking and real-time news across all digital platforms."

    The new innovations introduced today at CA World ’17 include technologies to help companies:
    Build with business agility using modern architectures
    CA is showcasing the new, award-winning CA Microgateway. It modernizes monolithic application architectures with a lightweight, modular services approach to leverage existing systems and build new applications quickly and securely. Companies can deploy and manage microservices in minutes across multiple architectures, with ready-to-use security, service discovery at scale and intelligent traffic management to support mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

    Leverage intelligent automation for faster, more reliable software
    The CA Automic One Automation Platform is driven by data analytics orchestrated across a complex, diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies to automate for efficiency and create room for innovation. Modern software factories know how to stay ahead of the pack, and intelligent automation helps them support and scale DevOps with simplified processes and less scripting for Ops team, and zero-touch self-service capabilities for development teams.

    Correlate business data for insights to improve every customer experience
    There is inherent value in business and operational data from existing systems. Correlating data for insights across infrastructure operations, applications and users, the new CA Digital Experience Insights is a SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics solution. It provides companies a full picture of their customers’ experience across digital platforms with advanced analytics resulting in a more than 50-70 percent improvement in customers’ digital experience.

    Integrate security from the start to reduce risk and exposure
    CA Veracode Greenlight, now available as a free trial, empowers developers to develop with velocity and quality. It allows developers to produce vulnerability-free code with instant feedback on security defects, right in their Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). The ability to scan and correct as they code gives them the ability to speed up the process of software development and delivery without compromising security, opening up the world of DevSecOps.
    “Every business can be a modern software factory and achieve better business outcomes faster with the right intelligence,” said Ayman Sayed, president and chief product officer, CA Technologies. “Today our portfolio is comprised of the tools and technologies that inject analytics and machine learning into our customers’ existing technology investments to compete and win in today’s fast-moving marketplace.”

    CA Technologies is showcasing over twenty innovations and enhancements across the portfolio at CA World ’17. These solutions give companies the ability to respond and adapt to change, as well as evolve existing technology investments for future success. From on-premises to the cloud and everything in between, CA delivers industry-leading products, solutions and expertise that removes the barriers to compete and succeed.
    For more information on all news being announced at CA World ‘17, please visit the CA World ‘17 Newsroom. To access replays of the CA World ’17 keynotes, please click here.

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