Automic Software Introduces Interactive ‘Continuous Delivery Map’ of the DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) Tool Chains

  • 2017年9月11日 10:59

    Automic Software, a leader in business automation software owned by CA Technologies announced the release of its ‘Continuous Delivery Map’ - a dynamic, visual map of the DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) tool chains.

    The Continuous Delivery Map takes the form of a metropolitan transit map where tools within the DevOps tool chain have been categorized and represented as stops along color- coded rail lines. Each stop features a specific tool found in the app ecosystem, and provides a brief explanation and links to additional documentation as well as the product's homepage. Accordingly, the different “lines” represent elements of the development and delivery process.

    “Making sense of the huge variety and number of tools available for the modern software development process can be confusing,” said Matty Kaffeman, senior director, Automic, Asia Pacific & Japan. “The Continuous Delivery Map clarifies the role each of these tools plays within a CD context, and demonstrates how orchestration, which is at the heart of this guide, is critical to a successful modern software delivery practice.”

    Providing a unique and simple format, this new interactive guide offers a standard reference tool that highlights the types of tools required for modern software delivery practices, with automation products like CA Automic Release Automation and CA Continuous Delivery Director which are core components to success.

    “A variety of tools have emerged for each and every part of the software development lifecycle– not to mention others designed to securely, safely and predictably deliver applications to customers,” said Alan Shimel, editor-in-chief at “CA Automic’s Continuous Delivery Map is the ultimate reference guide for the DevOps landscape.”

    “The Continuous Delivery Map serves as a comprehensive resource on the leading tools in the DevOps market, including DBMaestro,” commented Yariv Tabac, co-founder, CEO, DBMaestro. “We look forward to seeing this tool see widespread use as it becomes a standard resource for the DevOps community.”

    Automic business automation provides enterprises with the visibility, agility, speed and scalability needed to respond to today’s evolving technology landscape. This best-in-breed business automation product centrally manages the execution of all clients’ workloads across multiple applications and supporting infrastructure. To learn more about Automic’s offerings, visit:

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